Time to launch startups!
Ukrainian Space Agency established an online preacceleration program for early stage startups. If you are working on the next big thing, join us and study with our best mentors for 4 weeks. Preselection for the nearest track is finished.
Not just for rockets and satellites
We believe that every project needs more space.
Satellites and data
Satellites design and production, earth observation, and space data analysis.
Launches and space flight
Spacecrafts design and building, new materials and energy sources.
Space on Earth
Launching sites, earth ground stations, cybersecurity for space data.
New horizons
Popular science, educational projects, and future of space exploration.
Kickstart your ideas
Get ready for the next stage
In just 4 weeks, your idea will become a product with a sustainable business model, financial plan, and marketing strategy. Add a prototype, and you are ready for acceleration.
Prepare to meet your investor
You will learn how to pitch the most comlicated concepts, make beatiful slides, launch landing pages, and conduct negotiations.
Crash-test your ideas
Together with our mentors, you will test the product hypothesis and answer the most important question: what's the big idea.
How does it work
It takes an idea, a pitch, and a team to start. Tap the button and apply before June 1st.
Once we receive your application, we will reach out and invite you for an online interview.
Welcome onboard! 4 weeks is all it takes to turn an idea into a marketable product.
Team Yangel
We love space just as much as you do.
Volodymyr Usov
Head of UASA. Knows exactly what kind of startups the space industry needs.
Maria Yarotska
Program director
Coaches startups and hosts hackathons. Knows how to turn a fantastic idea into a real product.
Anton Tokarev
Partner relations
Chief of corporatization at UASA. Knows how to build sustainable business models.
Andrii Muzychenko
Talent management
A NASA hackathon champion, and an experienced engineer. Knows how to spot the best teams.
Karina Lapina
Entrepreneur in Residence
Scouting guru at Startup Wise Guys. Knows what investors want.
Mentors and coaches
Startups need tailored approach. That's why each team gets a dedicated mentor to guide them through the preacceleration process.
Michael Ryabokon
Nataly Borotkanych
Andrii Kolesnik
Anastasia Sleptsova
Alex Bornyakov
Yaroslav Azhniuk
Yurii Blavt
Svitlana Bovkun
Tetyana Kipiani
Sementiy Lobach
Projector Odesa
Volodymyr Safonov
Max Bagrov
Igor Ryabchuk
1 Storytelling Agency
Alena Kalibaba
Galia Nezhinsky
Andrii Zaikin
Kseniia Semenova
Valeriia Holierova
Our partners
These organisations support our team, and your startups.
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